Candle Refill

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When you love Frank & Scents' candles but you are concious of your ever growing empty jar collection - our candle refills are you perfect solution! We have created this refill for our candle loving customers who want a sustainable, re-usable option with the same great quality and scent.

Check out our handy video walkthrough below. To remove your remaining wax from your candle jar, simply fill your jar with boiling water, give your melted wax a stir and let it set. You will be able to easily remove the wax and wick holder once set. Give your jar a wipe and you are ready to place your new refill!


Australia Post Delivery Times

With major delays from Australia Post we have experienced our packages may arrive later than expected. While we always encourage customers to contact Frank & Scents, we cannot change the delays. Orders are sent a tracking number so this is the most accurate way of finding where your parcel is. Once it is in the hands of Australia Post, it is out of our control to speed up the process.